For now, the biggest boat of the Skater fleet and one of the most enduring and versatile boat in the Skater lineup.  Originally built to supersede the 40 Classic for racing, it immediately became a success on the APBA Offshore circuit, winning its inaugural Key West Offshore Championship. Even a boat as large as the 46 found its way into the niche of top Cat in the Open and Superboat class. The evolution of the 46’s lamination schedule and sponson configuration was and still is a changing one.  Imagine building a hull for 750hp Mercruisers with #6 drives to the same hull with a pair of 1650’s with #8 drives or, for that matter, turbines with surface drives or even a hull with 4 engines and 4 drives.  The answer, of course, is that each hull is tailored to its engine/drive configuration through the use of variable sponson rake and tunnel width.  But its only a little more work- right? Another variable in ALL Skaters is the amount of fuel any boat can carry.  A successful tank design approved by the USCG allows us to build the tank as a structural member of the boat as well as damping device for rough water.  Tanks of any reasonable size can therefore be built into any Skater.
General Specifications
  • Length 45’ 7”
  • Beam 12’ 0”
  • Height 6’ 10”
  • Weight (Complete) 6000 LBS(Max)
  • Fuel Capacity (2 tanks) 500 Gallons
  • Tunnel Width 66”
  • Tunnel Height (Front) 42”
  • Tunnel Height (Rear) 24”
  • Sponson Deadrise 16 Degrees
  • Engine Configuration  Inboard or Outboard

  • Vacuum bagged S-glass/Kevlar/carbon composite with aircraft
  • Grade balsa core sandwich and epoxy resin


  • Custom bucket seats and three- or- four- person wrap around bench seat
  • Ethanol resistant fuel tank liner
  • 3” Aircraft fuel fills, fuel pickups, fuel senders and vents
  • Engine support stringers
  • Custom transom mount adjustable water pickups
  • Hull and deck bonded around entire perimeter
  • Custom flat deck
  • Custom 6- Man cockpit (84” X 100”) & wrap around windshield