The 28 Skater has many times been described as a Porsche on the water. It’s light weight, nimble handling, combined with real offshore capabilities make it one of the most sought after outboard performance catamarans of all time. The cost effective standard deck provides seating for 5, with a sleek fairing on the deck, and a large rear hatch for accessing storage in the rear. An optional 6” molded-in windshield is available for those wanting to get out of the wind at 110+ mph speeds. Fuel tanks holding 70 gallons per side give this efficient hull a range of almost 400 miles at cruise speeds of 80+ mph with either the new 300R, or 400R Mercury Racing outboards. This outboard catamaran continues to be the performance leader in its class.
With all the same attributes as the standard deck 28, but with the modern look of the flat-deck with wrap-around windshield. Available as a standard width build or can also be built with up to a 12” wider tunnel. The widened hull allows the flat-deck configuration to have seating for up to 6, or 5 with the standard width hull. A true one-off, custom build, this model is a modern take on the best-selling model Skater ever built.
General Specifications
  • Length 28’ 0”
  • Beam 8’ 4”
  • Height 56”
  • Net Weight 2400 LBS
  • Max Load Capacity 3500 LBS
  • Construction Hand Lay-Up
  • Engine Configuration Outboards
  • Fuel Capacity 140 Gallons

  • 2” Stainless fuel fills, fuel pickups, fuel senders and vents.
  • SS lift eyes, bow and stern
  • Standard high gloss base color – White
  • Cored Construction throughout
  • Hull and Deck bonded around entire perimeter with Kevlar
  • Five full cross bulkheads
  • Bow & Stern lights
  • SS Bow rail and pop up cleats (4)
  • Rear fiberglass hatch & storage area with all hardware
  • High-Back sit down bolsters and three passenger rear seat
  • Molded in windscreen
  • Under dash padding
  •  Through hull drains
  • Epoxy/S-glass vacuum bagged laminate with carbon fiber
  • Ethanol resistant built in fuel tanks, 70 Gallons each.