Welcome to Skater Powerboats!

Those who crave tear-duct draining, cheek-smearing velocity on the water know there is only only one king: Skater! When it comes to performance, the automobile world has Ferrari and Lamborghini, while motorcyclists long to ride a Ducati or BMW.

The Number One builder of high-performance catamarans in the world has been in business for 50 years.


Skater is the standard by which all other high-performance boat manufacturers are compared. The sleekest in design, the fastest, and the most sought-after Skater is the Bugatti of the water.

Founded and led by Peter Hledin in 1974, Skater prides itself on being at the leading edge of technology. The Skater, Michigan-based company that covers 95,000 square feet was the first to perfect the use of vacuum-bagging technology, S-glass, kevlar, carbon fiber, epoxy resins and other construction techniques in the high performance industry and we use those construction techniques on every boat we build.

Skater does not build ‘off-the-line’ boats. From the interior to the paint to the power package and everything in between, every catamaran is fully customizable to meet each client’s needs. From subtle to spectacular in design but always stunning in performance, Skater excels above the rest.

Handling Like No Other

Every Skater has world-renown on-rails handling and incredible responsiveness

The Standard Bearer in the Offshore World

Even though others have tried to replicate the Skater hull countless times, we’re still the industry leader in all-around performance and speed

No Duplicates

Like human DNA, no two Skaters are the same.  Each one is built to the precise standards and expectations of our clients