Skater took the very successful 308 and made it even better. With a 10” wider tunnel and flat-deck/wrap-around windshield configuration, the 318 brings an entirely new level of comfort and looks to the 308 hull it is based on. With a wide cockpit for seating of up to 6, this outboard-only model gives up very little to the larger inboard models. The aerodynamic front deck with up to 3 molded-in hatches and a rear deck with 1 large molded-in hatch, storage is abundant in this model. With Mercury Racing’s 400Rs on the transom, cruising all day at 100mph in comfort is easy. The 318 has it all in an outboard powered package – speed, agility, rough water capability and comfort.
General Specifications
  • Length 30’ 7”
  • Beam 10’ 2”
  • Height 56”
  • Weight – Outboard 3000 LBS
  • Extra 10” wide, tunnel is now 62”
  • Fuel Capacity 160 Gallons
  • Sponson Deadrise 18 Degrees
  • Construction Hand Lay-Up
  • Engine Configuration Twin or Triple Outboard

  • Twin 80 gallon fuel tanks with ethanol resistant liner
  • 3” Aircraft fuel fills, fuel pickups, fuel senders and vents
  • Custom bucket seats and three passenger rear seat
  • SS lift eyes, bow and stern, bow & stern lights, bow rail and pop up cleats
  • Heavy duty transom, braced with four knees for the new 400HP outboards
  • Five structural bulkheads
  • All fittings through bolted with SS fasteners
  • Standard high gloss white gelcoat
  • Entire hull, deck and subcomponents built using S glass, carbon, balsa sandwich construction and epoxy resin
  • Custom modifications available for race
  • AFT storage compartment
  • Additional hull laminations
  • Engine Stringer and support systems