All of the ravings on our 388 instilled a desire to build a new 388 on steroids.  Size wise, the 438 is a 10% enlargement of the 388.  10% deeper tunnel, 10% longer running surface, 10% wider sponson, 10% wider tunnel, etc., etc., etc. However for many years now, we had been thinking of a radical bottom design change that would give the boat outstanding rough water capabilities along with an improved top end performance along with tremendous range and load carrying capacity. It is well-known that a fully loaded cat or V suffers a performance loss under these conditions, one reason why our competitors offer fuel capacities that are a third to a half of what Skater offers. Well, the bar has been set higher once again.  The 438 will run at very high speeds with 1350 Mercruiser engines and fully loaded with both passengers and 600 gallons of fuel.  Now, that’s impressive! A long running surface and a 12’+ beam allow this boat and others above 38’ to accommodate our ultra-wide cockpit with comfortable seating for 8-9 adults.

General Specifications
  • Length 42’ 11”
  • Beam 12’ 0”
  • Height 5’ 10”
  • Weight (Complete) 12000 LBS(Max)
  • Fuel Capacity (2 tanks) 500 Gallons
  • Tunnel Width 72”
  • Tunnel Height (Front) 44”
  • Tunnel Height (Rear) 24”
  • Sponson Deadrise 12/24 Degrees
  • Engine Configuration  Inboard or Outboard


  • Vacuum bagged S-glass/Kevlar/carbon composite with aircraft
  • Grade balsa core sandwich and epoxy resin


  • Race or Pleasure versions
  • Bow & Stern light, SS lift eyes (bow & stern), bow rail and pop-up cleats
  • 3” Aircraft fuel fills, fuel pickups, fuel senders and vents
  • Custom bucket seats and three- or- four- person wrap around bench seat
  •  400 gallon fuel tanks with ethanol resistant liner and fuel pickups & fuel fills
  • Engine support stringers, six bulkheads
  • Custom transom mount adjustable water pickups
  • Hull and deck bonded around entire perimeter
  • Custom flat deck
  • Custom 6- Man cockpit (84” X 100”) & wrap around windshield